I'm a designer who focuses on premium wine, select food, and lifestyle brand development. My work typically varies between long term contracts—with both creative agencies and direct clients—and one-off projects. I'm passionate about what I do, but better than that, I'm good at it.
Clients I work with benefit from my in-depth knowledge and direct experience with printing (and how to best work with printers); my understanding of consumer perceptions in the wine, beer, and artisan food categories; and my dedication to crafting an original, authentic brand voice for every project.
In addition to the skills mentioned above, I’m also comfortable pitching directly to stakeholders; creating successful connection and forging client relationships. 
As a social media strategist, manager, and consultant I have worked with select clients to enhance messaging and bring together distinct brand voices in order to best connect and respond to a variety of user bases. I am an advanced manager of all major social media channels, with extensive experience crafting and launching social media marketing and promotions for fine wine and food brands.
I have advanced front-end web development skills and am a gold certified designer with Vin65. I integrate development with the design process for web projects to maximize efficiency and take greatest advantage of development while designing—aka: iterating with code. This also makes me uniquely well-suited to communicating with web development teams.
When called upon, I'm an experienced product and documentary photographer, best-acclimated to a 'Canon environment.' I can and sometimes do light scenes with as little as a few pieces of foamcore board. (Unless otherwise noted, all photographs on this website were taken by me.) I also have videography, directing, and video-editing experience.
My unique type design skills are an asset in many design scenarios: I can craft custom lettering, logotypes, and even production-level fonts when the need arises. 
Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be an architect, so that forms the basis of my design background. The study of architecture is excellent for emphasizing a balanced harmony and cohesion between many integrated parts of different scales... otherwise known as branding. My craft and spatial design abilities benefitted as well. (Just let me brush my shoulders off...)
I followed up my B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with an MFA Graphic Design with the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, where my graduate thesis focused on type design for ideal reading on screens. While type design is not my day-today focus now, it informs every project I touch. Especially in packaging, where the type is typically the smallest unit of communication.
I am a daily, expert user of Adobe Creative Suite products, especially InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro (for prepress prep). I am also highly proficient with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Muse.  I have years of experience with 3D modeling and digital rendering using Rhino, Maya, and SketchUp + VRay. I will write front-end code in any app, but I typically prefer Espresso by MacRabbit, and occasionally Brackets. I can happily manage any site via SFTP/FTP with whatever app is installed for that purpose. In terms of office software, I am comfortable with and use both Microsoft Office and Mac products: Word, Pages, Keynote, Powerpoint, etc., as the need arises.
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